LDP Candidate Sites

These are all the Candidate sites which have been submitted for Penyffordd, Kinnerton and Hope:

The green sites around Penyffordd are very important - these were submitted by Cllr David Williams as green barrier to prevent future development around the village. He submitted a complete barrier around the village as well as individual barriers on potential development hotspots in the village.

The red spaces indicated proposed development sites. We don't know who has submitted them or what their intentions are in most cases - since the Candidate sites were invited, Rhos Road has been approved for planning permission and Redrow have applied for planning permission for the Chester Road site. 

These are aerial views of the village showing the candidate sites:

This is the official wording from Flintshire County Council about the Candidate sites and the process:

Flintshire Local Development Plan - Candidate Sites Register In accordance with Guidance in the Local Development Plan Manual (Welsh Assembly Government 2006) the Council undertook a Call for Candidate Sites between 28/02/14 and 30/05/14. The Council invited landowners, developers and other interested parties to propose sites for consideration for inclusion in the Plan. Candidate Sites were invited for a range of uses such as housing, employment, tourism, retail, leisure, waste and community facilities (amongst others) and sites could also be submitted for protection from development. A total of 734 duly made Candidate Site submissions were received and these proposed a variety of land uses, with the majority being proposed for housing development. These have now been organised into a Register of Candidate Sites. A number of submissions are not included in the Register as they failed to provide a site location plan or failed to provide sufficient clarity or information.

The Candidate Sites Register is arranged by settlement order and then by site reference number. Each site has a separate schedule containing the following information

 Site reference number
 Site name / location
 Settlement
 Existing Use
 Proposed Use
 Development / Protection
 Site Area
 Easting / Northing
 Location Map

To be included in the LDP, Candidate Sites will need to be the subject of i) a technical assessment and ii) an assessment against the emerging Plan aims, objectives and strategy. The methodology to be used will be subject to public consultation in due course in the form of a background paper in order that broad agreement can be reached about how sites will be assessed for inclusion in the LDP. Sites contained in the Register do not form part of the LDP. The Register has been made available for public inspection for information only and not as a consultation document. Comments are not invited on the Candidate Sites and any comments received will be returned to the sender.

The fact that a site is included on the Register should not be interpreted as a commitment by the Council to take forward any submitted site into the Local Development Plan. Those sites which the Council do subsequently consider suitable for inclusion in the LDP will be the subject of formal consultation at the appropriate stage in the Plan’s preparation process and this is when formal representations may be made on those sites included.