Flintshire's Local Development Plan (LDP)


local development plan

Planning policy in England and Wales requires every County Council to have a local development plan which sets out how many houses are needed for the future, where they are to be built and policies to guide developers and planners in making decisions about new developments.

Flintshire had a plan, called the UDP (Unitary Development Plan), which covered the period 2000-2015. They are currently working on the new LDP but it is not expected to be adopted until 2019.

Roughly these are the key stages of the plan, as they affect our community:

1. Call for Candidate Sites. There was a period where anyone could propose any land to be considered for future development. All the proposed sites were published by Flintshire in 2015.

2. Settlement Categorisation. Every town and village in the county used to be classified in one of three 'categories' - that has now been changed to five categories. Penyffordd is the middle one.

3. Spatial Plan. This is in consultation now. Flintshire have published 6 different options for the number of houses needed across the county between now and 2030, and 5 different options for how they should be distributed across the County and among the different settlement sizes.

4. Using the Spatial Plan decision, Flintshire will consult on which of the Candidate sites should be adopted. This is the most emotive part of the process and will be consulted upon in the next year. The decision on this is expected in August 2017.

5. Flintshire send their proposed plan to Cardiff and an inspector will decide whether it meet the national needs and policies.

6. The plan is adopted.

You can view all the documentations and process on the Flintshire County Council website: