Contact details for the Planning Committee and Others

In addition to the planning committee, whose details are listed below, you may also consider writing to these key influencial people:

Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones: 

Welsh Assembly member responsible for Planning, Lesley Griffiths (from Wrexham)

The planning department at the Welsh Assembly: 

The Flintshire planning committee 

Cllr Marion Bateman
Cllr Sean Bibby
Cllr Chris Bithell
Cllr Derek Butler
Cllr David Cox
Cllr Adele Davies-Cooke
Cllr Ian Dunbar
Cllr Carol Ellis
Cllr David Evans
Cllr Veronica Gay
Cllr Patrick Heesom
Cllr Dave Hughes
Cllr Kevin Hughes
Cllr Christine Jones
Cllr Richard Jones
Cllr Richard Lloyd
Cllr Billy Mullin
Cllr Mike Peers
Cllr Neville Phillips
Cllr Owen Thomas
Cllr David Wisinger