Vounog Hill / Min Y Ddol 058164

This application for 37 houses has now been submitted to the planning department and allocated a reference number 058164. 

This is the latest application to come in to the village and is open to public consultation until the 26th December 2017. This consultation is prior to the planning application being submitted and the representatives of this landowner have indicated that they are prepared to make changes based on the output of the public consultation.

vounog plan1.png

In summary:

6x 2-bedroom houses
9x 3-bedroom houses
22x 4-bedroom houses

There are too many 4-bedroom houses, as has been the case on all recent developments.

30% affordable contribution would be 12 houses - this has been verbally promised but is not included in the consultation documents.

The development area does not extend beyond the 'infill' between the Meadowslea development and Vounog Hill.

The density is good - 25 houses per hectare (excluding the open space) or 21 houses per hectare (including the open space)

All trees and hedgerows retained, apart from the new road access.

Footpath retained in its current position and not along a roadway.

Off-road parking looks OK on first inspection, though some of the properties at the end of cut-de-sacs may need some more.

As far as possible the design has aimed to extend the housing lines from the existing position on Meadowslea so that it is a natural extension of the existing development rather than a new 'pocket'.

There is plenty of green space on the boundary along Vounog Hill and the houses set back so as to minimise the visual impact on the existing houses on the opposite side of the road.

This developer has read our Place Plan, listened to the complaints from the community and our needs and tried to design something that could work. It is not popular because it would mean the loss of another field and on one of our most open parts of the village. 

We have to object on principle  because this development, like all the others, is outside of our settlement boundary and our facilities need time to catch up from the recent rapid development.