The Future of the Village - be heard!

The next stage of consultation for Flintshire's Local Development Plan (LDP) is now open. The LDP will define how the County will grow between now and 2030.

Decisions will have to be made about how many new houses will be needed and where they will be build. 

This next part of the County Council's consultation process deals with these two big decisions. You need to make your voice heard!

There are different options and the Council want people to express an opinion. These are the 5 Spatial options:

Option 1 bases development in the same way the outgoing UDP worked - percentage growth limits for different settlement sizes. We could expect growth similar to that experienced in the last 15 years. The settlement categories have already been decided, Penyffordd/Penymynydd is a 'Sustainable Village', Dobshill is a 'Undefined Village'.

This option offers the greatest protection against growth for Penyffordd, but is unlikely to be adopted because the Council believes that there are many smaller settlements which could be developed sustainably.

The growth area is defined by an old Welsh national spatial plan. This presents the greatest threat to Penyffordd because it does not take account of the size of settlements, just their location.

Penyffordd is also vulnerable in the transport option because of the train station, although Flintshire County Council recognise the low use of the Wrexham - Bidston railway, if this option were adopted we could expect to see significant growth.

The sustainable option is the most realistic one to be adopted. This would bring some development to most communities, including ours, but it gives the flexibility to allow growth based not just on settlement size, but on the infrastructure and community needs.

Our Community Development Plan, with the strong views of the villagers and realistic growth planning should help our community to direct Flintshire County Council about the scale and suitability of developments in the LDP.

You can read all about the details of the Spatial plan and the considerations at the Flintshire County Council website:

Summary Document

Easy Read version

Consultation Document'Strategic-Options'-consultation-document.pdf

Comments Form

You can comment on the Spatial plan up until the 9th December.

We will be explaining the Spatial plan and the role of our Community Development Plan at the next village meeting on the 4th November 2016 at 7:00pm in the Royal British Legion.

We will also be sending out a consultation QUESTIONNAIRE in the next few weeks - please take the time to complete the questionnaire and be heard.

If you have any questions you can email the Community Plan Team at