Redrow Update

The Planning Committee meet once a month, to review applications. We have been expecting the Redrow application to heard at the committee since August but it has never happened.

The agenda for each committee is only published one week before. The next meeting is next week on the 14th Dec - Redrow is not going to be considered then (the change of use of the Fagl Lane Quarry in Hope to a visitors centre is though).

We have heard from our Community Councillors, Cindy and David, that there are a number of aspects of the Redrow application that the Council have asked Redrow to review and resubmit. Assuming they receive these amendments, they are expecting to take the Redrow application to planning committee on the 22nd February 2017. 

The Council's Planning department have been reviewing your comments and objections and appear to have done a good job of representing those views in the amendments they have requested from Redrow.

When we hear more, we will provide a further update.