Redrow Update

Quick update on the Redrow application 055590.


The date has still not been published - this is very unusual. We understand that Redrow are late submitting additional information to Flintshire. Possible dates are:

- Nov 16th or

- Dec 14th


Documents have been updated on the Planning Application - there is an updated Transport plan which clarifies the situation for Hazel Drive. There is no longer a suggestion for emergency access, but it now includes pedestrian access through Hazel Drive. However, it leaves open the future need for Emergency services consultation which could mean vehicular access. It also responds to some of the details people have objected to such as the blind brow of the hill and traffic volumes from the other developments in the village. Details here:


Today Mark Tami MP was due to meet Colin Everett, CEO of Flintshire CC to discuss Penyffordd. We are expecting an update next week. Last month a small application in Caegwrle was refused because of the UDP policy breeches (good news) and the application for 56 homes in Kinnerton rejected on 'drainage' has been appealed (bad news).

There is a lot of correspondence between Cllrs on the planning committee, the Flintshire planning officers and ourselves.

We are being heard but we must continue to make our concerns heard!