Where Penyffordd features in Flintshire's LDP - Latest

Flintshire County Council have now published the next stage of their Local Development Plan 2015-2030. It sets out:

1. How many houses are needed
- 7,645 (509 houses per year)

2. How they should be distributed - Sustainably distributed across settlements according to the settlement hierarchy
(Main Service Centres; Local Service Centres; Sustainable Settlements - there are two lower categories but they will not be allocated for a share of the housing).
- Dobshill is an undefined settlement and can only expect housing on the old depot site.
- Penyffordd is the lowest of the three categories expected to get a share of the housing.

3. How much employment land is needed
- 8,000 to 10,000 new jobs
- 223 hectares of employment land
- includes two strategic sites one at Warren Hall including 300 homes and thousands of jobs

4. Candidate Sites Assessment
Crucially, it also includes an early assessment of 'Candidate Sites' and how individual sites conform with the strategic plan. 

We're not sure we fully understand the assessment criteria used and we are now reviewing all of the settlement to understand better the potential distribution of housing across Flintshire. 


There are two sites in Penyffordd marked green - meaning they comply with the strategy. The Orange marked ones comply with the strategy but there are hurdles to be overcome to deliver them - it is not clear what they are - but these sites must still be considered possible at this stage. Finally, the red marked sites do not comply, typically because they do not connect with the settlement.

We will be assessing these sites against the Penyffordd Place Plan.

Finally, the Candidate Site register has been reopened and it is possible for new sites to be added now - we are aware of at least one new site on Vounog Hill which will be added.

You can view and comment on all of the documents being consulted on on Flintshire's website: