Penyffordd abandoned - we're on our own

The Redrow appeal resumes on Monday.
Redrow think they've got it in the bag.
Hawarden Road appeal is in January - Flintshire have pulled out - they are not going to represent us.

We're on our own.


Redrow Appeal - one last chance!
If you have any spare time on Monday please show your face at the Legion - the resumption of the enquiry:

Monday 18th Dec 2017
9:30am - 7:00pm (latest)

We need as many people to sign the register and be seen in that room as possible during the day (you don't have to stay long, just as long as you can spare). We need to show that the village really care - so far we have told them that and they have seen fewer than 50 different faces.

If we lose Redrow then we have no chance against Hawarden Road, Vounog or Rhos Road - this matters to the whole village!

Hawarden Road Appeal - we've been abandoned

At the December planning committee, the last item was Hawarden Road - the committee had to vote on whether it was more in the public interest not to hear what was going to be said than it was in their interest to hear it. The microphones were switched off, the public and press asked to leave.

We don't know what was said, but we do know that the decision was taken for the Council not to contest the Hawarden Road appeal. 

That means that instead of a Barrister or Solicitor examining experts brought in by Flintshire to defend their reasons for refusal, there will be no one on the defence. Just the developer, their legal representatives and expert witnesses and us, as third-parties, to present the reasons why we believe the committee got it right.

Just a reminder - at the September committee, the planning committee, all except one who abstained, voted to refuse Hawarden Road. The planning department had recommended approval, but the committee spent close to 40 minutes telling them why the community were right and the planning department wrong. Behind closed doors they have been persuaded not to defend that decision. 

We are building our case now and we will share more information in the new year. The inquiry is on Tuesday 16th January 2018 at Theatre Clwyd (we have asked for it to be moved to the village).