Vounog Consultation Deadline 26th December


The initial consultation by the developer on Vounog Hill closes on the 26th December.

The 28 day consultation is now a statutory requirement of developers before they submit a planning application. Your responses to the developer should be listened to and taken into account in the final designs before they are submitted to the planning department.

If you are objecting to the development completely, then write to tell them that. You don't need to say why, just object.

If you believe there are improvements that can be made to the layout, design, housing mix, access or anything else that they could reasonably change, then you should include the detail and see if they are prepared to make the changes.

The next stage is the full planning application (expect that in late January / early February). When the public consultation opens, then we have to get as many people as possible to object - and refer to planning reasons and policy reasons why it should be refused.

We will be holding a public meeting in early January and we will go through the details then.