Update 1 - Council Houses - Good News?

Since the public meeting on the 8th March, a number of things have happened in the village and the campaign to save the village. 

You may have seen news articles about Flintshire planning to build 300 new council houses in 11 locations. One of the locations referred to was in Penyffordd. The council papers suggested that there would be housing on land behind West View between the children's play space and the bypass. We wrote to Clare Budden, Chief Office Community & Enterprise at FCC and expressed concern that the land was outside the settlement boundary and that the view of the villagers, through the Questionnaire, was for no more housing right now. This was the response we received:

"I apologise for the concern we may have created here.

The Cabinet report had an error in drafting which we corrected at the meeting. The map included with reference to a site in Penyffordd, was not consistent with the site referred to in the body of the report and we therefore asked Cabinet to ignore these references.

We are considering some options for a small number of affordable and social homes in the village, within the settlement boundary and I have asked Mel Evans who is our lead for the programme to make contact with you to share our current thinking. Any specific schemes developed to the final stage will require Cabinet approval later in the year and will have been the subject of community consultation ahead of that so that cabinet can make an informed decision."

At this stage we don't know which sites they are considered for new council houses (we understand that the old Dobshill Depot is potentially one), but the land at Westview is not currently being considered and we are reassured that there will be public consultation first.