Update 3 - TAN1 - More Good News?

March 22nd is the next Flintshire Planning Committee - the Redrow Chester Road application will not be heard there, but another application in Northop for 90 houses will be.

This is significant for us because it is the first application (that we know of) in Flintshire where the Planning Officers have recommended refusal largely because they believe their own policies (UDP) outweigh the presumption in favour of development.

The clarification of the meaning behind the wording of TAN1 (see Update 2) appears to have empowered the Planning Officers to recommend refusal. This is exactly what we have been seeking in the Redrow Chester Road application and will be seeking in the forthcoming Hawarden Road application - developments outside the boundary are breaking a number of UDP policies and should be refused.

You can read more about the Northop application here.