Public Meeting - Update and Actions

We had a good meeting last night, thank you to the 150 or so people who attended and for some very useful questions and information.

At the meeting we covered these key points:
- Questionnaire feedback
- Update on the Community Development Plan progress
- Update on Hawarden Road and Rhos Road developments
(nothing we can do officially until they are submitted to planning)
- Update on Redrow:
It is open for official comments until Monday the 13th March. The quickest way is on the Flintshire Planning Portal:

These are some of the reasons we have used to object - ideally you should refer to personal harm and impact. You can also quote planning policies - there is a list here.


1. Loss of Village
2. Pace of Change
3. Rail Transport
4. Buses
5. Surrounding Road Network
6. Roads in the Development
7. Potholes
8. Traffic Impact inside the Village
9. Lack of School Places
10. Broadband Provision
11. Open Space
12. Waste
13. Surface Waste
14. Water
15. Affordable Housing
16. Heathcare

We would encourage people to write to the Cabinet minister for housing, Lesley Griffiths AC/AM and to our own representative in Cardiff, Carl Sargeant AM to ask for their help in protecting us against overdevelopment while the Flintshire Local Plan is in preparation.

Finally, we introduced the 'Assessment of Wellbeing in Flintshire', this document covers every aspect of life in Flintshire and they are consulting until the 31st March. This document is very interesting, well written and informative - it contains an explanation of what is happening to housing which is consistent with what we are experiencing - it would be good to feedback to them the harm being caused by overdevelopment. You can view the documents online here:

Thank you for the continued support - we feel like we are presenting a strong community voice and it is being heard.