Redrow Planning Committee Dates

What's happening?
The Planning Committee are coming to Penyffordd on Monday at 10:00am to visit the site - we want as many people as possible to be there to welcome them.

Wednesday 12th April is Decision Day
The Committee meet at 1:00pm on Wednesday 12th April in the Council Chambers at County Hall, Mold. Please come along.

What happens at Committee?
The committee is made up of elected councillors. They have read all the comments and objections about the application in advance. They may visit the site in the next few days in a minibus. The Planning Officers will make a recommendation, based on their interpretation of planning policies and law, on whether to approve or refuse the application. 

The applicant is allowed to speak. Our Councillors, Cindy Hinds and David Williams are allowed to speak for 5 minutes each and one public representative from the village is allowed to speak for 3 minutes.

The committee members are allowed to comment before they take a vote.

What can we do?
There is a public gallery and we would like to turn up in numbers to show the strength of feeling in the village. We need to offer lifts to people, get organised and get to County Hall - aim to be there by 12.30pm. Committee usually lasts a couple of hours in total but they stop to let the public leave once their case has been heard. We don't yet know the order of the agenda.

What happens after Committee?
If the committee approve the application, then that it over. Redrow can build the houses. The planning offers may make conditions which must be met first, but otherwise there is nothing more that can be done to stop it.

If the committee refuse the application, Redrow have a right of appeal. The appeal is held at Welsh Government and the minister oversees the appeal - because there are more than 150 houses on the site. 

Parking Details for County Hall
You can park in the front car park overlooking Raikes Lane.  To get there you need to drive down the road with the Law Courts on your left and the Council building on your right, you will come to a small roundabout, turn right and follow the road under the Council building, the road will take you to the front car park.  

Please being some change as you have to pay to park at County Hall now.