URGENT: Planning Committee Date

The application for 32 houses on Hawarden Road will be heard by the planning committee at County Hall on the 26th July at 1:00pm.

If you are able to get there to show your support, you would be very welcome. We do not yet know whether the committee will visit the site.

UPDATE: We understand that Flintshire planning officers are recommending APPROVAL of this application.

We have raised a number of objections about this application - one of the most important is that if it goes ahead it will create a pocket between the Groves estate and the new development which will leave a field (which we know the landowner is ready to develop) surrounded by houses on three sides and the bypass on the other - this will surely become 'infill' for housing - meaning a further 100 homes.


Quick Recap on what's happening to the village...

- plans for 40 new homes have been approved on Rhos Road (north)
- plans for 186 homes on Chester Road were rejected by committee but are under appeal (the appeal will be heard at public inquiry in November)
- plans for 32 apartments on Rhos Road South have been in public consultation and we are awaiting the planning application (we expect them to be waiting for this decision)

These applications are following the rapid building of the two sites at the Groves and White Lion sites which, together with Meadowslea, make Penyffordd the highest growth settlement in Flintshire.

There are dozens more sites around the village which have an interest expressed for housing development - these should be considered as part of the LDP process. We would like no further development until that process starts, in the next 6 to 9 months.