What did we learn? New School

We had a public meeting on the 27th Sept, which included presentations from the Flintshire Schools team, Hanson Cement & the Community Group about planning.

It was very well attended - these were the key messages from the schools team:

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 14.06.01.png

The revised design for the school is based on the feedback from the public consultation in July. Changes include adding a pitched roof, the use of more natural appearing materials and softer colours.

The construction company and architects reviewed the site with a view to moving the building away from the boundary but the limitations of the site mean that this is considered the best 'compromise' location. There were clearly residents from neighbouring properties who are not yet satisfied that the building cannot be moved or altered to reduce the impact on them.

The council has committed a traffic survey but the results are not yet in. The plans will not going into the planning process until the traffic survey has been assessed. There was a discussion about the reality that the traffic solution would involve the school site, parking restrictions on surrounding roads, voluntary measures by parents, initiatives from the school, improvements to highways and changes in parent behaviour. We will have to wait for Flintshire's response to the survey.

After the traffic survey results, once Flintshire are happy with the proposal, they will submit it to planning - the public will have the chance to comment on the application - then it goes as a business case to Welsh Government for funding. The hope is to have the new school ready for the 2019 intake. The existing Abbots Lane school will operate as normal during construction.

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Time was limited at the public meeting so Colin Everett, CEO of Flintshire County Council, has agreed to publish a 'Frequently Asked Questions' response to answer outstanding questions about the school. If you have any questions you can email to team@penyfforddcommunity or fill in this form: