Hawarden Road - We lost

The planning inspector has now published his decision on the 32 houses off Hawarden Road and decided to allow the appeal. That means planning permission has been granted for 32 new houses on Hawarden Road including a small Childrens play area.


Flintshire County Council did not request any financial contributions for the community nor for schools.

The only direct benefit to the community will be some new affordable homes - 30% of the 32 houses will be affordable.

The inspectors report was fair in the circumstances and he listened to the concerns of the community over the impact of over-development and the other applications outstanding. Unfortunately, the local authority had told him they didn't think there was a problem and offered no defence; and with the Welsh policies leaning heavily in favour of new houses, he was left with little option.

What happens next?

This decision weakens the defence for all Flintshire communities because it has put very little weight in Flintshire's existing planning policies and therefore every field is vulnerable.

The inspector has done us one favour in making a prompt decision because that means that any consideration of other new sites (and where decisions have not yet been made) will know that another one has been approved in Penyffordd.

The developer of this land have 2 years to start building.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write in their objections or to attend the inquiry.