TAN1 Under Review

For anyone who has been following the continual threat of new housing developments around Penyffordd (and across Wales) over the last 2 years, you will know that the reason is because of TAN1.


TAN1 - or Technical Advice Note 1 - is part of Planning Policy Wales and is intended to cover periods where local planning authorities have no adopted Local Development Plan - such as Flintshire and Wrexham right now. The wording of TAN1 sets a presumption in favour of development and in many cases has meant that developers have been able to submit applications on green field sites at will.

Local authorities have been frustrated because they have lost control of housing site selection as appeals have been upheld in favour of development - because of TAN1.

What's Happening Now?
The Welsh Government have announced a proposal to temporary remove the offending wording from TAN1 while they conduct a review into housing delivery across Wales. But they are asking for evidence to support that proposal before it is confirmed.

What does it mean for the outstanding applications?
We don't know.

In Penyffordd, TAN1 has been directly responsible for planning permission being granted on two sites already (Rhos Road North and Hawarden Road) and for applications to be submitted on Chester Road (Redrow), Rhos Road (South) and Vounog Hill with more in the pipeline.
Rhos Road South is with Flintshire right now and there is no new.
Vounog is still in public consultation and if there enough objections for planning reasons there is a possibility it could be delayed to avoid June's committee.|
Chester Road (Redrow) is in the hands of the Minister who was expected to announce a decision any day now. It is not clear where this consultation on TAN1 may be too late

What can you do?
They are asking for feedback on two questions and any evidence we can provide will help the case for having TAN1 suspended. You can read more about the consultation here: