And now come the Retirement Apartments...

In the next instalment of Flintshire disregarding their own policies, the application for 36 retirement apartments south of Rhos Road has finally been scheduled to be decided at the July planning committee (Wednesday 18th 1.00pm County Hall).

Flintshire have accepted an 'outline' application, without details of types of apartment or car parking, contra to their adopted Developers Guidance Note.

The developer has agreed to change their position on affordable homes - it will comply with policy and there will be 30% affordable, though the details are not agreed and could include a commuted sum, as Redrow did, to limit the number of properties on the site and add cash into the Flintshire affordable homes funding pot. This has got to stop because it skews the mix of people living in a local society.

Flintshire have listened to another piece of feedback and are requiring a £70,000 contribution to put a safe crossing on the bypass to enable safe access to the train station, which would benefit all rail users.

The development is limited to over-55s, but there are no more details on that. There is a proposed £1,100 per dwelling contribution to the community which has been specified for teenage play improvements at the Millstone (why?).

You can read the full officers report here:

Once again, the only reason this development can be considered now is because of TAN1. Flintshire could recommend refusal and we would argue they should on principle.