New School - Planning Application is in

Reference No: 057599

The plans for the new school have now been submitted to planning as they are. You can now view the plans and comment via the planning portal.

Phase 1 - the rear of the school

Phase 1 - the rear of the school

Phase 2 - the extension

The siting of the building, roof pitch, boundary treatment and materials are all as last published - some of these were changed following the public consultation in July. The building design and situation has been agreed with the Penyffordd Community Council as well as the school teachers and Governors.

Phase 1 - the layout of the new school

Phase 2 - layout showing the extension at the rear

This is the first time we have seen the proposed 'extension' of the school to increase capacity to 360 primary children. This is not planned for the initial build. The extension shown in these visuals extends one side of the school to the full height of the pitched roof.

Last week Flintshire County Council published the transport assessment. The council have not made clear their intentions with regard to the current and projected traffic problems, however, among the recommendations included in the report was the extension of the zig-zag markings outside the school and the repainting of traffic calming - these are both included in the application.  There are genuine concerns from residents about the safety of children on the roads around the school at peak times. We will try to find out more.

Colin Everett, Flintshire County Council's Chief Executive has taken a personal interest in the project and attended several meetings in the village, about the school, including meeting with local residents.

If you wish to comment directly you can contact:

Planning Officer, Mr D.G.Jones, email:
Mr Everett, email: 
The schools team, email:

The deadline for comments is 17th November 2017