SCHOOL UPDATE - Transport Report

The transport report has now been published. It is 349 pages long, so we have extracted the highlights and put them on the website, but these are the headlines:

- new Pelican crossing on Corwen Road proposed
- proposal to repaint speed bumps
- extend school no parking around the corner

- school to introduce a transport plan
- negotiations underway with Red Lion to use car park
- voluntary one-way system suggested
- people are encouraged to walk or cycle
- everyone in Penyffordd/Penymynydd lives within walking distance

- no further changes planned to the school site
- no increase in parking or dropoff zone at the school site
- no changes to neighbouring roads or junctions
- no new parking restrictions on roads

It was said at the public meeting that we need to be realistic about dealing with the potential traffic problems and that the solution would be a combination of changes to:
- behaviour
- highways (which could include a new crossing and speed limits)
- methods of transport
- school transport plan
- school site drop off / waiting area
- enforcement

What do you think?