Hanson Cement at Planning Committee 8th Nov


The application to install a new mill and rail loading at Hanson Cement will be heard by the planning committee on the 8th November 2017 1:00pm County Hall (second agenda item)

Concerns about the operation of the new mill, use of the existing mills at the same time, operating times, emissions and monitoring appear to have been listened to. The full planning officers report can be read here :


The recommendation is to APPROVE the application subject to conditions which include:

1. Commencement
2. In accordance with submitted plans
3. Construction management plan
4. Construction traffic management plan
5. Contaminated land-scheme (reports/remediation/ validation/verification and post-development monitoring)
6. Piling and foundations
7. Surface water drainage (scheme/verification)
8. Foul drainage
9. Dust – construction and commissioning stage
10. Noise – construction and commissioning stage
11. Lighting – no off site glare
12. Hours of working -construction and commissioning stage
13. House of working -operational
14. Biosecurity scheme
15. Statutory protected species reasonable avoidance measures
16. Wildlife management scheme
17. Landscaping/woodland management scheme 18. Tree safeguarding plan

It is the responsibility of Flintshire County Council to grant planning permission and monitor the conditions. It is the responsibility of Natural Resources Wales to grant a permit to operate the new mill. That process is ongoing.