Is Our Village Defenceless?

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We are dismayed at the decision of Flintshire planners to ignore their own policies, 165 objections from residents, our local Councillors, Community Councillors and our local Place Plan, in recommending that this application is approved.

The same planners in April accepted that Penyffordd has made its contribution to housing and welcomed the evidence of the harm and un-sustainbility recent overdevelopment has caused. Now all of that is being ignored.

It's not over yet though.

The planning committee meet on Wednesday (1:00pm at County Hall if you can make it to show support). The proposal went before them in July and our Councillors managed to get the committee to vote for deferral so that the omissions in the report could be addressed and a site visit arranged. 

That site visit is happening on Monday 4th Sept at 11:00am - on Hawarden Road.

The committee have the power to refuse the application.

If you are thinking that (as the planning officers seem to be) then think again - the application for 32 retirement apartments on Rhos Road has just gone into planning - we will have 28 days to comment and then it will go to committee - either in October or November.

And, the application for 40 houses on Rhos Road has gone back into planning in the next stage ahead of construction starting. 

Then in November there is a public inquiry to be held in the village over the 186 houses on Chester Road - we are seriously concerned that this decision by Flintshire planners will prejudice that decision too.

There are 300 houses live in the planning system in our village right now - smaller developments add up!


1. Come to Hawarden Road at 11:00 on Monday 4th Sept for the Committee site visit

2. Come to the planning committee on Wednesday 1:00pm County Hall - we are first on the agenda

3. Sign the petition to have our Place Plan adopted by Flintshire County:

4. Write to the head of planning at Flintshire and the chief exec - these are their email addresses:

And these are the email addresses of the planning committee who will make the decision:

QUOTE this in all correspondence: Hawarden Road, Penyffordd, Ref: 056694