Plans for a retirement village

Full planning permission has now been submitted for a development of 36 over-55's retirement apartments off Rhos Road. It is not yet open for comments.



This is sited on land opposite the Rhos Road site which was recently given planning approval, on appeal, for 40 homes. There is a small plot of additional land between this site and the A550 which has been included in the LDP candidate register - this means that someone would like to develop the land under the Local Development Plan, but details are not known and it may not be considered.

What is in the plan?

The proposal is for:

12 one bedroom apartments
24 two bedroom apartments of which 4 are slightly larger



The site would include:
- a communal 'hub;' building,
- allotments,
- 36 allocated car park spaces,
- 8 garages,
- landscaped gardens,
- a pumping station
- fitness trail

The developer has proposed that the site should provide 'nil' affordable housing contribution.

Future residents will have to pay a site management fee to contribute to the ongoing management and maintenance of the shared facilities and ownership will be limited to over-55s only.

The Community Council and Community Development Group will be meeting to discuss the designs and implications for the village.

The proposal will be open for public consultation shortly and is expected at planning committee in October or more likely November.


This map shows the location (the submission has revised the number of apartments to 36 from 32 originally consulted on). The site across Rhos Road has already received outline planning permission and the developers have submitted the next stage of their plans. The red blocks show potential future sites.